Handy Tips For Selecting A Good Breeder
Courtesy of Sherry Clark, Megabucks Aussies, Reno, NV

Get references from previous "Companion Home" placements. Personally I provide about 5 references to my buyers.

Visit the breeder frequently, even when they don't have puppies available. And I too agree that the breeder might not have a lot of litters to choose from.

Feel comfortable letting a "good" breeder HELP YOU choose a puppy.

DON'T expect to place down money and take the pup home, that is a NO NO. The "good" breeders should want to check you out and should expect you would also want to check them out. .

Expect good records, a file for each dog and each litter, and the breeder should be forthcoming with you going through the files.

If the breeder tells you she or he has NO genetic problems. Look for another breeder. NO lines are clear.
It is nice to find a breeder that has many dogs from the same genetic lines.

Mom should be in great shape, if dad is there, he too should be in great shape. Also remember that not all bitch are bred to the sires on the breeders kennel, a lot of breedings are sent to the dog's place, and then you can and should get references from dogs in that line too.

You can NEVER do enough research.

Lastly, ask the question "If I have a problem, or question, or just want to talk about my puppy, who should I call". If the breeder doesn't say "CALL ME". Then look elsewhere. I know that my hubby jokes that I spend a lot of time on the phone with prior buyers, I get tons of e-mails, but that is what is expected here. A good breeder is here for the bad questions and the baby brags, we are here forever. From placement to holding you when you have to send OUR baby to the "Rainbow Bridge". A good breeder still considers that puppy a part of his or her heart. From day one, to the last breath they take, and they are here to share every moment you want to share.